Perhaps not intending to do so, at least in quite this way, eleven select and very inspirational printmakers including collection curators Sherry Smith Bell and Ann Chernow have produced from the past a new entity - a very modern one.  Housed in a stunning portfolio box of exquisite clamshell by Sabina Nies, the collection becomes in the “Post-Modern” sense of the concept yet another work of art all on it’s own.  The collection is a delight to behold.

These eleven printmakers have taken from Bosch and Dürer five centuries ago to Pissarro and Munch some five centuries later.  The eleven admire or admit to having been influenced by the work of their honored predecessors in some significant way.  In their own expressive manner, each pays homage to an elder by providing a Twenty First Century interpretation of an esteemed predecessor's oeuvre.

As goes the old cliché, “Art feeds on art.”  We build upon the shoulders of those who have gone before. Those old and ancient shoulders provide the foundation of the contemporary structure of our modern world.  But even the revolutionary, the extreme rebel, cannot escape the bonds of that against which he rebels, for he is tied to it by definition.  Force-counter-force!  It is a continual and on-going conflict between tradition and the advent of the modern, between preservation of the old and the search for the new that leads to inevitable change.  In its own way, “Translations: The Reproductive Print Re-Interpreted in the Twenty First Century” combines these two forces.

By joining together in this collaborative endeavor these eleven diverse and quite distinct artists have provided a fascinating Twenty First Century statement.
We thank them!

Ira H. Latour, Professor Emeritus, Art History
Chico State University, Chico, California

                                        “Nocturne,Old Battersea Bridge,”  
                                          by Sherry Smith Bell,
                                          etching,  inspirational artist                      
                                          James Mc Neil Whistler

Translations Artist’s Images and Statements
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